Volcano hikes in Guatemala

Acatenango Base Camp


We don’t use tents. We believe in safety. Our cabins are a safe shelter ready to withstand eruptions like the one in 2018 and also protect you against the posible harsh weather in Acatenango. We care about you, your experience and your safety without compromising quality. 

We have the only cabins on the volcano with good quality gear that is already waiting for you at camp

Volcano Guides

Meet the guides. Profesional, bilingual, born and raised in the volcano, mountain rescue and first aid certified, kick ass local guides.


Weather can be a very tricky and sticky situation. The climate in strato volcanoes like Acatenango are considered micro climates and they can change very often. That is why we don’t use regular weather forecast apps. Please check the weather before your hike, to assure that you are getting the best conditions as possible. If you struggle to ready the forecast, reach out by email or Whatsapp.

We take you the mile extra into Volcan de Fuego Hike

For the adrenaline junkies, it doesn’t get better than feeling the wrath of mother earth in your feet as the active volcano erupts just 200m away. This hike is demanding and requires an additional 1.5 hours to get there and 2 hours to come back. You will need to add 500 ml water extra and and 500 cal extra of food. The food we provide is not enough to do 2 volcanoes.

The Garden Project

Join us for beer, wine or kombucha on the tap at our cozy secret garden. Every drink is served with complimentary tapas and all the earnings are destined our non-profit org that feeds over 1,000 dogs and cats a month.

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