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The Acatenango hike is a two day tour that starts at 7:00 am from the agency (2 calle oriente #22, Antigua) and returns between 11: 00am-11:30 am depending on the pace of the group and summit times. Our minimum to make the tour run is 4 people. The meetup time is at 7:00 am and it starts with the gear rental. YOU MUST LEAVE A GOVERNMENT ID OR DRIVERS LICENSE OR PASSPORT (IN CASE YOU DON’T WANT TO LEAVE AN ID YOUR NEED TO LEAVE A $100 OR Q800 CASH DEPOSIT)(NO PHOTOS OR PHOTOCOPIES ALLOWED). The trek is a 4-5 hour climb to basecamp and an extra 1.5 hours to summit. It is a challenging and demanding hike, but it’s doable with the right preparation. We aim to be able to summit, if the weather allows it, by sunset. If this isn’t possible we will try for sunrise; which is also possible to see from the basecamp in case you don’t want to summit. 

The package includes: Gear at base camp: 4-season cabins or tents, 0 degree sleeping bags, ponchos for extra comfort, all weather protection canopy and dinning room. You don’t have to assemble or carry any of this equipment. Gear Included in the ALL INCLUDED PACKAGE : Jackets, scarves, hats, gloves and headlamps. Additional gear items availale for rent are : poles, socks, backpacks, and pants. You are subject to a reposition fee in case of damage or loss of the items you are renting.The price does NOT include the park entrance of Q50. By going on this hike you enable us to support the local village by Acatenango and the dog refugee center, Vida Animal and Animal Aware. Check more about this on our website.*

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CANCELLATION: You are able to cancel your trip at no cost and with a full refund 24+ hours prior to departure (8am the Day before your Hike). There will be no refund or change of Date possible if  cancelled within 24 hours of departure or during the hike. We appreciate your consideration and understanding as we hire/contract many services with third parties that have to be paid for. CANCELLATION DUE TO SICKNESS: No refunds or rescheduling possible if not cancelled 24+ hours before departure. NO EXCEPTIONS. We strongly advise not eating raw vegetables or food that has too many condiments, do not drink alcohol, stay hyrdated with filtered Water and rest well before hiking with us to make sure you have the best possible experience and are able to . TRIP CANCELLATION DUE TO WEATHER OR NATURAL DISASTER: If we as Company decide that there will be a risk for our Clients regarding weather conditions we will inform you with anticipation to either offer you a refund or the opportunity to reschedule the hike depending on availabilty. If there is an unexpected change in the weather during the hike that puts your safety at risk we will turn around and there will be no refund. None of our Services are transferable to another Person.

NEGLIGENCE: If you decide to leave the group and hike the mountain without the company of the guides for whatever reason, you will be on your own. Please restrain on behaviors that will put your life and those of others in danger. EXPERIENCE: We always make our best efort to provide exceptional customer service that will go beyond your expectations. However, there are things that we aren’t able to guarantee such as a clear sky, volcano eruptions or clear views. In the May to October season there are a lot of clouds and rain, making it difficult to give 100% assurance of clear views. This doesn’t mean that every day is cloudy or rainy. CAPABILITY: The Acatenango hike is not for everyone. It’s a 5 hour hike that is very demanding with a terrain that demands some experience in hiking or trekking. When you book the hike, we assume that you are in shape and fit enough to keep up with the group. We need the group to maintain a moderate pace so everyone sticks together. If you fall back more than 45 minutes a separate guide will be assigned to you and you will be charged an additional Q250-Q300. If this happens on the way down and you miss the bus to go back to Antigua you will be charged an additional Q250 for the alternative transport. We hope you understand that we can’t allocate one guide to keep watch over just one person. We don’t recommend the tour for persons with health conditions that will be negatively affected by light or moderate exercise. EXTENDED STAY: We do allow to extend your stay at the volcano, If you are unlucky with the weather and decide to do another night, you will be charged Q400 for the second day. 

LATE SHOW UP: If you show up later than 30 minutes then the meet up time (8:00am) you will be left behind and no refund will be given. Please show up on time. DEPOSITS: Your deposit ( governmental ID) will be returned upon the return in same condition that the gear was given to you. Please, make sure you check the gear before taking it to avoid confusion, gear is given to you working 100%, if not, let one of the managers know so we can change it. More details about our Hikes and Services offered you can find on www.wichoandcharlies.com FOOD: Please make sure you are given all the food before departure. FOOD ALLERGIES: As part of our service we offer vegetarian, vegan,gluten free or dairy-free meals. Please inform to the person reserving your tour if you have any food allergies. THINGS YOU CARRY: In your bag you carry the food (only lunch, some of the snacks and breakfast for next morning). Water 4.5L(1 lt to share for cooking). Your clothing. THINGS WE CARRY/PROVIDE FOR YOU: At base camp you will find: sleeping bags, tents, sleeping pad, pillows and blankets. We carry your dinner,hot chocolate and other snacks. PORTER: Porters are a third party service and the maximum weight they carry is 30 pounds (the price will rise if its more than 30) The price for Porter service is Q150 – Q250. You pay that directly at the volcano in cash to your Porter. DISCOUNTS: No discounts unless you have a valid cupon code. We provide a premium service and don’t bargain so that we can maintain the safety and quality of the tour. For your peace of mind, everyone is paying the same price. GEAR RENTAL: You are responsible of the gear you rent from us, keep it safe. In case of loss or damage of the gear, we will be charging the cost of the Item.The list of prices charged for Damage and lost are found in  the Wicho and Charlies Office.

Please be aware that by taking part any activity of the buisness named above you are agreeing to the following Terms :

I understand that the participation in the Acatenango or Fuego Tour could include actions or tasks which might be hazardous to the participant name above.

I release the organization or business named above from all liability, costs and damages which might arise from participation in the above named event or activity.

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