From day one, we said that Wicho & Charlie’s would give back to the community, environment and animals. There are many initiatives that are ongoing and other that are one event. We give back from our pockets, from reviews and also in other non financial ways. Every service you take from us, has one or more ways that you help us give back to a cause.

The most recurring help we give, is to Santuario Vida Animal. This shelter is located in Sacatepéquez , 30 minutes north of San Lucas. They host 600+ dogs and 100+ cats. We help by paying the salary of a worker to help around the shelter and also with 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of food, depending on the season. Anaite is a 60 year old lady that runs the place, along side Odi who helps her. Together they take care of this massive shelter. We decided to provide the salary for a helper to work on the project along side this two lovely ladies. You can visit the project HERE. Feel free to send donations their way, or to us and we will gladly forward it to them.

The second recurring way we give back is to the environment. We took a strong stance against single use plastic and other pollutants as a first measure. As a second measurement we only cater plant based food. What we eat, has one of the biggest impacts to our one and only Planeta Tierra. Don’t worry, the taste and nutrition we never gave it up. With this switch in 2019 alone, we where able to save or avoid use of:

10,900+ Animal lives

223,000 pounds of CO2

12,050,000 Gallons of water

30,538m2 of forest

We are so happy with the results that we continue to this day to improve and work on more ways to help. Like the use of refillable water bottles, instead of single use plastic bottles.


For every review (good or bad) you leave on our Tripadvisor or Google Review, we donate $3 to a single cause in either community of La Soledad or El Hato. The first months we helped Pancha Sequel, whom is a recent widow with 8 children and very little to none income. We donated two month of groceries for their family, with the money from reviews. The later and most recents months we helped another family of one of our ex-guides. Joel was a great guide who worked with us for 2+ years, he decided to pursue immigrating to north America, where he went missing crossing the dessert. This is a crude reality we face every day in 3rd world countries. Our company focuses on giving work to the volcano locals, so they never have to want to leave. As entrepreneurs we need to decentralize the power concentrated in the capital city of Guatemala. Sadly we can’t help beyond someones personal aspiration or dreams to move. However, we successfully employ between 8 to 12 guides who are all able to provide for their families and sustain a comfortable life. They where earning Q50 in a labor day at the field, and with your business they are making 6 times or more. Now they are professionals after learning a second language, getting certified and trained in first aid, mountain rescue and guiding.

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