What tours do we offer?

We offer hikes to Volcan Acatenango and Fuego (2 days, 1 Night)

How long does it take to climb Acatenango ?

Acatenango takes the average person 5 hours to hike. It can be faster depending on the group size and pace. Small group of 3 to 5 can do all the hike in under 4 hours. Hour 2 day trek usually takes 4 hours to hike to basecamp, and one additional hour to hike up to summit. The distance to cover is 7 kilometers and 1,500mD+.

How hard is Acatenango hike? 

Acatenango is considered a moderate hike. There are no technical sections on the hike. The average person will be more than able to summit this beautiful volcano. The hike can be described as a 5 hour of walking mostly uphill. 

What do I carry? 

ACATENANGO: In your 40L backpack you will carry your personal belongings. Which is a minimum of 4 liters of water, your lunch bag, clothes for cold and camera gear. Together with any other personal belongings. Camping gear is not carried by the hiker and is already waiting for you at basecamp. 

What time does the tour depart? What time does it return to Antigua? 

We depart to Acatenango at 8am. The meeting point for Acatenango is our agency located in 2 calle Oriente #22 everyday at 7am. You have one hour to rent gear and pack your bag. 

Who is Wicho & who is Charlie? 

Wicho is a slang name for Luis, who is the father of one of the founding members. Charlie or Carlos in Spanish is the name of the father of the other founding member. As co founders we decided to name the business after our dad’s who both passed away when we where 12 years old. 

Is the volcano active? 

Acatenango is an active volcano. The last eruption was in 1986. Fuego is a neighboring volcano, each summit just 1.2 kilometer apart and is also active with Strombolian eruptions about every 30 to 45 minutes.

Is it cold? What temperature does the summit have? 

Acatenango summit is very cold between sunset and sunrise with 0 degrees with wind shield -10 degrees Celsius. Fuego volcano presents the same temperatures. 

What should I bring? 

For Acatenango we recommend bringing a 40l backpack, sunscreen, camera, battery power bank. If you are doing the extra hike to Volcan de Fuego we recommend bringing extra food about 500cal more and 500ml more water. 

Are there insects in the volcano? 

Not at the altitude of Acatenango Basecamp. No worries, mosquitoes, flies and spiders don’t usually like the temperature there.

What is the toilet 🚽 situation? 

Once the hike starts, the toilet is the nature. We ask you to dig a whole and to cover it up to leave no trace.

Who are the guides? 

Our guides are all community guides from Aldea La Soledad. This village is located at the beginning of the hike. The are bilingual and have been certified in first air and mountain rescue. 

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