There’s no other place on earth quite like Acatenango. Sitting at 3,976m next to a super active Volcan Fuego and overlooking at other 8 stratovolcanoes, lakes and ocean on the horizon.

Acatenango 2 day hike

Join us on our 2 day volcano hike to Acatenango. The team has developed a tour package so you can get the best experience on your trip to Guatemala. We have something in mind for the average person to be able to hike 3.5 hours up and 2 hours down the Volcano and be able to capture one of the most incredible volcanoes on earth. Climbing to 3,976m is no easy feat but we have a service that will help you get there in every step of the way. We have you covered in every aspect from food to gear, camp, transportation and more. 

BASE CAMP FACILITIES: We guarantee to provide you with the best base camp facilities on the volcano. We have built A frame cabins as shelter for eruptions and weather. Stay warm with the cold temperatures and strong winds this volcano presents. In case of an eruption with the magnitude of the one in June 2018, you can remain safe inside. In addition to the cabins we also provide you with a dinner room and a comfy chair fire pit with a view to Volcano de Fuego and the stars.

PRO LOCAL GUIDES: Certified Kickass Guides that have grown with in a 5km radius to the volcano, with at least 300 assents, bilingual, first aid certified, mountain search and rescue team and ready to give you a welcome to their volcanic lands.

Acatenango 2 day Hike Shared Cabin$75
Acatenango 2 day hike Private Cabin for 1$105
Acatenango 2 day hike Private Cabin (Price for 2)$170
Hike to Fuego (Additional to each hiker) $30
Prices include the full pension of Essential Gear, 5 Meals, Guide, Cook, Camping equipment at BC, Transportation


Gear Rentals

We guarantee to have the best available gear in Antigua to ensure you get the best out of your hike. We include the Essential Gear * in all the prices of the hike. There are extras that you can count with at your discressión. You can start renting the gear the day before the hike from 09:00 – 16:00, or on the day of the hike at 07:00. We don’t guarantee the availability of every size or item for all hikers, please plan accordingly to make sure you get the gear you need.

Hat, Scarf, Buff, Winter Gloves, Multiple layer Jacket*$7
40L Backpack$7
Trekking Pole (technical) $3
Thermal Base Layers$2.5
Merino Socks$2
Headlamp 250 lumen$1
3xAAA Batteries$1.5
Boots (Check sizes available at store)$5
Any rental will require a government ID or money as safety deposit


When we set of to make Wicho & Charlie’s, we made a promise to always give back and protect to the environment and animals. Keeping in mind the right amount of nutrients and calories needed on this hike, we have made an Plant Based menu for all our hikers. In order to also support the local community and creating more jobs we are also implementing a cook on the hike.

Continental Breakfast buffet before departure BREAKFAST DAY 1
Adobo soy protein bowl with rice and beans, topped with avocado sauceLUNCH
Potato and bean supper SUPPER
Latino Lentil Daal DINNER
Banana Bread BREAKFAST
Brownie, Granola Bar, Fruit, PeanutsSNACK BAG


  • 06:30 Meet up in Agency for gear rental and breakfast
  • 08:00 Departure
  • 90:15 Hike starts
  • 11:30 Lunch break
  • 14:00 Basecamp 
  • 16:30 Summit bid for sunset
  • 19:30 Dinner is served
  • 04:30 Summit bid for sunrise
  • 07:00 Breakfast
  • 08:00 Descent starts
  • 10:00 Departure to Antigua
  • 11:00 Arrival to Antigua


  • Storage room: feel free to leave your belongings at the agency
  • Shower, we have great showers at the agency you can use. We only ask for a small donation of $1-$2 for the animal shelter. (includes towel).
  • If you don’t have toilet paper, feel free to grab from the bathrooms with a small  O.20¢ < + donation for the animal shelter.

CAMP SITETents, sleeping mat, 5-10 degree sleeping bagTop quality tents, sleeping mat, -10 degree sleeping bagPrivate or Shared Cabins for weather and eruption shelter. -10 degree sleeping bag and 2 mountain ponchos
FOOD3 meals4 meals + cook 5 meas + Snack bag + Cook
COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSCommunity GuidesCommunity and/or foreign guidesMale and Female Community Guides. Funding for community school.
Single use plastic and polystyrene for food, wood use is 3x more.Reusable tupperware, use of portable camping stoveBiodegradable materials like paper and banana leaves. Dishes and cups. Camping stove and gas heater to minimize use of wood.
Tree planting and ocean cleaning practices every year.
GUIDESNot bilingual most cases, not first aid certified, underpaid. PRO guide, Bilingual, First Aid certified, mountain rescue team, well paidPRO guide, Bilingual, First Aid certified, Mountain rescue team and gear, well paid
GEARPoor quality, minimum standard. Top quality gear, minimum gear items. Top quality gear, large selection of gear items for rentals.
Make sure to know in depth what service you are hiring and what are the backstage implications to the environment and community when you do.
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